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the eye of the heron

In “The Eye of the Heron”, Ursula K. Le Guin's characters must find the strength to stand up for their beliefs and work towards a better future. Luz and her allies face tangible obstacles like the bosses of Shantih Town who oppress the poor. Yet, their real fight is also intrinsic. To overcome resignation and apathy and create the change, they must first break free of limiting beliefs and gather courage to envision the change they want for themselves.

Luz draws strength from her connection to nature, she values justice and sustainability. She persists despite self-doubt and the temptation to quit, pushing past resistance. Lev builds his self-trust1 and shift to an abundance mindset, bolstering his self-determination. They do not blame others and take responsibility2 for their future. Approaching hardships with openness, they use setbacks as lessons. Trusting in their path, they persist through difficulty, stubbornly defying the bosses.

By “shipping their vision” of the new town, Nueva Vista, they gain the power to create change. The outward fight Luz and others wage is much the same as the inward fight of us — creatives and entrepreneurs. “The Eye of the Heron” inspires us to be courageous and bring out our gifts in the best way we can. Battling resistance and fear, grounding ourselves in purpose, learning from failures — we complete meaningful creative and entrepreneurial work. By aligning our creativity and meaning — we realize our potential. When we “eat the frog” — ship our vision — we build the self-trust to live fully.

In today's duoton letter, I explore the metaphor of the Heron battle an inner voice of doubt, represented by a croaking frog. Just as the Heron achieves flight through courage and determination, we realise our potential by battling resistance and ship our creative or entrepreneurial work.

  1. autonomous system that supports alignment

  2. taking responsibility for not committing a soul-crime

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