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training wheels

In my journaling and coaching, I use a construct of a tricycle — a bicycle with the additional wheels intended for young children. 'Training wheels', in a figurative sense, stand for anything designed to make something easier for a novice. It is a powerful metaphor that helps to observe the impostor phenomenon and counter the resistance, but many people come to such wisdom, either spontaneously or borrowed, without any allegories. A portrait photography newbie may take their camera out in the streets before they attempt selling studio photoshoots. An aspiring novelist may start out as a columnist and writing short stories. I'll continue with writing, but the following applies to any creative practice. The 'training wheels' suggest exercising and should not encourage self-deception. This is to mention that some of us pick up authorship only to feverishly share artistic outputs on 'social' and wait for approval or criticism from whomever we call friends. Then in our personal narratives, these friends become the “Coward's porcelain kittens,” but not to make grooming creative skills easier. Rather than that, we roll them onto each scene, three-wheeled. Afraid that they claw, we are reluctant to go out on a limb. Instead of writing for the artistic joy1, we wonder what it takes to make 'the kitty cat' purr. Why wouldn't they purr more, damn it? Coward's porcelain kittens, rolled in three-wheeled. What does it take to make 'the kitty cat' purr? Today's "duoton letter" character is a three-wheeled kitty. Consider this my second attempt at riding my writings and drawings with 'training wheels'. I want to take a moment to reason what is behind my writing pursuits and illuminate the expectations that accompany sending out these letters. I've intentionally made it effortless for anyone to engage with my words — each 'reply to' will find its 'way to' my mailbox, triggering a symphony of pings, blinks, and pops on my screens, akin to the arrival of a personal text message or an important notification. That being mentioned, I do not seek gratitude or jests, nor do I invite admonishments or mere acknowledgments of my existence. Please spare me the indulgence of idle suggestions or the intrigue of whataboutery. You and I both play integral roles, and yet, I don't shape my words for mere amusement, just as your reading (of this letter or anything else really) should not be relegated to compulsive consumption. I write for myself, and in doing so, I hold space for you. The desire to engage in a meaningful conversation lingers, patiently awaiting our passions to intertwine.

  1. to create for the artistic joy

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